What Is Keto Diet? Here Are The Answers For You

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What is keto diet all about?. A keto or ketogenic  diet is really just a very low carb diet, this type of diet has many names but we will stick to Keto just to avoid confusion, although you will hear people refer to it as a low carb high fat diet or the ketogenic diet.

It can be difficult to follow this type of diet. However the rewards in terms of both weight loss and health benefits could be great. As with any low carb diet you should stay away from processed foods, you should where possible eat naturally healthy wild foods, not foods or animals that have been genetically engineered or force fed locked in cages or pens.

Here are the keto diet dos and don’ts, here are some handy graphics to help you out. You can easily see the keto diet foods.

What Is Keto Diet
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What Is Keto Diet and how does it work?

Every time you eat the body produces ketones. These ketones are produced in the liver and are usually burned by the body as energy. Whenever you eat something your body automatically converts that food into Glucose and insulin, Glucose is very easy for your body to use as energy. And insulin is used as a sort of transport to move glucose around your system. But enough of this technical stuff for now.

Ketosis is a natural process the body falls back on if it thinks its in danger of starvation. When this occurs your body's automatic response is to burn fat as energy. Did you see that BURN FAT that's what we were aiming for. Who knew the body had this starvation mode trick.

What Is Keto Diet quick look back.

So let's recap we need to eat this low carb diet to trick our bodies into this state of ketosis. In order to trick our system to kick in starvation mode and burn fat. So how do we know when we have reached Ketosis?. Well there are keto diet calculators that show you. Or you will notice a change in urine and your breath my start to smell like nail varnish. Don't breathe on anyone at this point. This, however is what we are aiming for the state of Ketosis.

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The next important step is the type of foods you can eat and for that we have a handy ketogenic diet food list, that has lots of information on carb amounts and weights of food, download your ketogenic diet plan pdf right here.

What Is Keto Diet, side effects can be, well normally there are very few. If you are a type one diabetic then it is not recommended to try this diet other diets are better for you, in some cases your body can produce too much ketone ( this is called ketoacidosis). And actually it is very rare. Keto flu is a common symptom for those new to the diet. It should only last a couple of days, and usually the symptoms are feeling sick and headaches. But like we mentioned it usually over within a couple of days.

It is actually quite similar to giving up smoking flu you get a couple of days after stopping smoking. Nothing really to worry about. Although if the symptoms are severe go to a medical health professional. The one really good side effect is with the ketogenic diet epilepsy calming effect. It seems those who stick to the diet have less seizures.

What is keto diet conclusions :

it's one of those diets you will either love or hate, and no doubt the results are good and weight loss will happen if you stick to the diet. What Is Keto Diet and is it worth my time?. The answer is yes, go for it.