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This is a emailed question I recently received regarding Swagbucks from a reader and subscriber. By the way if you have not already subscribed you can do so by entering your email address on the right. Now that's out of the way let's get back to the email, I have heard this or a similar question several times. So I decided to do a bit of research and have a look at the pro's and con's. However lets get to that a bit later. Here is the email from Annie (not her real name and she gave me permission to use her email correspondence).


“Dear Brian,
Hi I was looking at your web site and was wondering if you have any advice on making money online. I'm a single mom with two small boys, and could really use some extra income every month. It's really difficult not being able to buy the nice things in life that my boys friends have. I love them loads and they are the most important things in my life. It breaks my heart that I cannot provide, the things they see their friends have.

I have been looking around the Internet for working from home to see if I can earn some extra money. To be honest I looks like there are so many scams out there I’m just afraid of taking the wrong decision. I have been looking at Swagbucks, would you happen to know anything about them as a company?. Are they reliable and do they actually pay out. Do you know of any other companies where I can make a little extra money?”.

My Reply

“Hello Annie
I have been in your situation before so I can sympathise with you. I know it's tough not being able to give your kids the things you would like to. It's plain to me how much you love those boys, and I'm sure they know and understand how much you love them.

So lets get onto Swagbucks. Of course I had heard of Swagbucks, but to be honest I had never used them before you asked me about them. So I have had to do a little research. Lets start with what Swagbucks do and what they are. You sign up on the web site for your account, and through this account you can earn SB's (That's Swagbucks). It looks like 100 SB's is equal or equivalent to $1. Once you have signed up and logged in you will see a multitude of ways to earn SB's for instance I have highlighted some of the ways you can earn SB's in the list below.

Independant Swagbucks Review (not from me).

Swagbucks What you can do

1. Watching videos on the site.
2. Filling in offers
3. Participating in online surveys.
4. Playing games on the site.
5. using their online search engine.
6. Shopping through the links they provide
7. Sign up for the deals they will offer you.
8. fill in the daily poll.
9. There are leaderboards for games allowing you to get more Sb's the higher you rank.
10.Daily offers and competitions.

You get the idea of what's on offer, but what about the rewards I hear you ask. As I mentioned before 100 SB's is equal to $1. I would guess its not easy to earn over $5 per day, simply because the payout's are so low, for instance its about 3 Swagbucks to watch a video, from the research I’ve done it seems the best average earnings are around $3 a day. Without having to spend any money buying through their links on site.

So here is what you can get for your $3 a day, most major retail online store gift cards are available in the rewards store, this by the way is where you change your Swag bucks for your rewards. You will find Amazon, walmart and target. You can also redeem your Swagbucks into your pay pal account. Which by the way must have the same email address as your SB account, or they won't payout.

top-paying-surveys review
  • Can You make a decent amount of money
  • Ease to sign up
  • Payment of SB's
  • Ease of offers
  • Amount of offers and surveys
  • Is it worth the effort

I cannot honestly see how you could make over $100 a month. Without buying through their links and getting cash back, if you already want to buy the product then you will probably get a good deal, the only good thing I can see sb has going for it is it's free.”


A quick trawl around some of the webs forums and you will soon see many complaints about Swagbucks. Most noticeably is the sudden and unexpected closure of accounts with a large balance of SB's. There is no recourse or working complaints procedure to enable you to get your SB's back. There are some people that have lost 1,000's of SB's. While I'm sure some of the complainants were actually caught cheating, there seem to be too many for them all to be.

Right there is a word of warning, Swagbucks have good ways to catch you if you think you can get away with cheating the system. You can be sure that they have seen it before, and will instantly ban your account and freeze any Swagbucks you may have in it.