Surveysavvy The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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This  is  a  survey  provider  that  has  been  around  for  a while. Surveysavvy will pay you for your opinions when they “invite” you to participate  in  their  surveys  and  other  offers.  In  my own experience with Surveysavvy I was only ever invited to participate in two surveys every month or so. I’m guessing you have to fit the right profile, for the product they are looking for information and sales data for.

How much will Surveysavvy pay?

I  have  seen  people  talk  about  earning  $300  a  month,  but  I’m  not  sure I believe that. It looks like the general opinion is, the monthly  payout  is  more  like  $10  to  $15. And this is for filling in a time consuming survey or two. I don't know about you, but that seems  like  a  waste  of  my  time.  In  fact I didn't really stick around much with this company. Once I saw the payments. I mean really one dollar for filling in a survey, “if they offer you one”. With this company it all depends on your profile, take some time when filling this  in.  This  will  determine what surveys they offer you. However more importantly how much you will get paid for each offer. I cannot stress enough, answer with as many details as possible.

Is Surveysavvy a scam.

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No  I  don't  think it is to be honest, but all you have to do is search the web and you will find many stories about users of Surveysavvy not  being  paid. The problem here is that many users (and Surveysavvy has a lot) probably do not follow the rules or try to cheat. I have seen that happen a lot. And the ones caught cheating the system, seem to scream the loudest when they lose their money, and the account is banned.  You  should  also  read very carefully any instructions that come with the Surveysavvy surveys. Make sure you stick to the rules, most  companies will use any excuse not to payout. Here Surveysavvy seems to lead the field, although I never had a problem with payments. Probably because I never really earned that much.

What can you do when things go wrong.

Well  Surveysavvy  are  clear if you read the terms and conditions. OK I know that's boring so I did it for you. It can take up to several months for payment to be processed. So don't think for one moment it will be weeks. Think in months and you wont be disappointed. Now lets suppose  you  do  have  a  real problem with them, what can you do. Well the only option open to you is Surveysavvy support. And here they really  fall down. I have seen people waiting for months to get a reply, if at all. It seems that anything to do with payment is pushed to the  back. And to be honest most of the time it is probably never going to be answered. Just make sure you follow the rules and don't give
them a chance to with hold payment. Or even ban you altogether.

Independent Survey Savvy Review Just to Be Fair And Impartial

What I really don't Like with Surveysavvy connect.

Lets  have  a  look  at  what  Surveysavvy connect is. You will be asked to install a app or piece of software on your computer, tablet or phone. this app will track how you use your device, what sites you look at. Anything you buy will be tracked, your whole digital life will be  laid  bare.  Some  companies  will  pay  big  bucks for this type of information. Its pure gold to them and will enable them to target customers more effectively.

The  thing I really hate, and why I would never recommend Surveysavvy connect is, it uses a VPN to connect back to their servers. To those that  don't know what a VPN is its a Virtual Private Network. It makes a secure connection between you and Surveysavvy servers. That means when you connect to the Internet all your browsing is routed through their servers. “All Your Traffic”. I do not understand why they would want  to do this. Unless its for some backhanded way. This was a killer for me, and to make it worse it is reported that, you are not told this  VPN  is  installed.  Sorry  buts  for me that's the deal breaker. Yes I want to earn a bit of cash, not however at the expense of my privacy.

What I really do like about Surveysavvy

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They have a really cool referral programme and if you refer a friend you will be rewarded. And the best bit is if they also refer a friend you  will  again get your commission. So that is very well worth it. If you are thinking of signing up to Surveysavvy then you can use the links  below.  One  is  my  referral  link  and one a direct link. The referral link does not cost you a penny extra and you will not lose anything from it. Its your choice but I would be very grateful if you did use the referral link.

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Summary Of Survey Savvy Review

In our opinion this site is probably only good if you are located in the USA. Most of they surveys are for USA companies, and nationals from other countries will not even be offered a survey. This goes back to our discussion about your profile. If you are from any other country but the USA then try our recommendation, click on the green buttons our recommended company has lots of surveys for many countries.

To Summarise, while I do believe that Surveysavvy is not a scam, it seems a lot of people complain about it. And I seem to remember an old saying No Smoke without fire. There are better survey sites than Surveysavvy.