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 Stretch Marks Removal Home Remedy
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Stretch marks removal home remedy, I was a 31 year old woman and was having my first child. It was the most beautifully horrid period of my life. I was so very excited that I was finally becoming a mother. (My husband and I had been trying, diligently for a year to conceive, but that is another story, for another time.) And that life was growing in my belly.

I would touch my stomach often and marvel at the miracle but then I would feel those scaly marks and become repulsed. I was mad at myself for having such conflicting feelings and even more upset that I was allowing my vanity to overshadow the gaiety and gratitude I felt whenever I thought of the long hard road it took my husband and I to get to that point.

Stretch Marks Removal Home Remedy all Natural

I felt I had no right to even consider a small thing like stretch marks but there I was, sickened at the way my body was changing. I was not so naive to think that my body would not go through a metamorphosis of sorts but the extent at which it was changing, I was just not prepared for.

Even with a moderate diet and exercise, the weight-gain was something I could not circumvent and the stretch marks that inevitably grew on my stomach and thighs was something I did not anticipate. Here begins my search for stretch marks removal home remedy.

Throughout my adolescence even until adulthood I was really active and participated in a lot of sports so I never really had an issue with fluctuating weight. I was even blessed to be able to avoid that entire period during puberty when many girls get stretch marks because of the way their body is changing.

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I truly had no experience with dealing with them. So when I reached out to a friend in my new “Mommy Network, for tips on how to get rid of stretch marks, she told me to be proactive and diligent when dealing with them. She provided me a few creams that she used but “never really got rid of them altogether. I became manic. I would slather the cream on after I showered, throughout the day, and even at night. A month or so had passed and they seemed to be getting worse; snaking their way up past my belly button.

My anxiety levels started to grow because my husband and I are avid swimmers and I did not want to always be relegated to a one-piece each time I wanted to go for a swim but more importantly, for my own self-image I still wanted to view myself as I was. I scoured the internet for hours on end trying to find different things that will help with getting rid of stretch marks, and the perfect stretch marks removal home remedy.

I joined many baby boards where the discussion topic was getting rid of stretch marks effectively. Nothing seemed to work even the tried and true cocoa butter that some women seem to tout as the holy grail of eliminating stretch marks. Cocoa butter did nothing for me but left me with a greasy feeling.

Stretch Marks Removal Home Remedy

My quest intensified and after hundreds of dollars wasted on expensive creams that produced less than adequate results, I simply reminded myself to a life with these ugly scars. Over time I even started to consider them my battle scars because it was so difficult conceiving my son.

After he was born and I started to get back in pre-baby shape the feelings associated with the stretch marks managed to find their way back and I resumed the enterprise of getting rid of stretch marks and searching for that elusive stretch marks removal home remedy. I considered laser-removal even microdermabrasion but I wanted those to be last resorts in my getting rid of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks Removal Home Remedy The Recipe “All Natural”

As fate would have it, I stumbled across a video that touted the healing effects of Shea butter. I then remembered that as a child my mother would use coconut oil on my older sister's eczema and I considered combining the two. I had nothing to lose at this point. I determined I was getting rid of stretch marks once and for all.

Shea butter, in its raw form is kind of hard, so I combined the Shea butter and coconut oil (along with some flaxseed oil for good measure) into a food processor. Once it is all whipped up, it has a creamy consistency. So I started putting this on my belly 2-3 times a day after a couple of weeks I saw the marks starting to fade.

Stretch Marks Removal Home Remedy “The final Result”

About three months later they were almost not visible for a few feet away. I was so excited to be getting rid of stretch marks I began to give my recipe to anyone who would listen in hopes of helping someone who else in getting rid of stretch marks. For me this was the best stretch marks removal home remedy, if it does not work for you then try the links throughout this article they will work.