My Shed Plans Review Are These Plans Worth Buying?

My shed plans review and why I decided  to review this product, so here we go. I have to come clean with you, I am not really very good at DIY and more so woodwork. Really I have no Idea why this is, because quite frankly I'm fine with most other DIY stuff. I actually think my problem is with patience, I guess I don't have any, and that's why I started this My shed plans review.

We wanted to build a shed in my backyard, now in my case I already have a shed. Let me clarify that I used to have a shed, it's still half there (sort of) well actually to tell the truth its a wreck, the roof leaks and parts of the main support beams are rotting away, it won't be long till the whole lot just collapses. And my wife has been nagging me to buy a new one for quite some time, she's right it's a mess!.

My Shed Plans Review video

Being a busy person (and lazy) I thought I would just buy a ready made garden shed. So of we went to the local DIY store and lumber yards, to say I was shocked is a understatement, I was floored. The prices of ready made garden sheds are a joke, are these sheds gold plated? they need to be for those prices. NO WAY am I paying those prices for a shed, I’m going to build a shed myself. My wife was skeptical (that's normal for her) she mentioned several other projects I had started and never finished. My mind was made up, I will build this shed myself if its the last thing I ever do. That night I did my research.

Here is another independent shed plans review video

With my research done I wrote down the pros and cons for each set of garden shed plans I found, I wont share my scribbles here (you probably won't understand my writing anyway) but I will share the reasons why I settled on my shed plans.

My shed plans review Pro's

1. You get 12,000 plans

2. There are more than just shed plans included.

3. The whole bundle only costs $37

4. There is a free plan so you can see what's on offer (Free shed plans PDF in right sidebar)

5. Most of the plans include a shopping list (life saver)

6. The plans are not overly complicated.

7. even I managed to build a shed.

What do you get when you sign up for my shed building plans, well I’m going to show you, I really do hope that I’m not breaking the law here, but we are friends right, no harm in having a little peek before you buy right?

my shed plans review
ryan's sheds
shed plans free online
my shed plans

Now I guess this wouldn't be a true shed plans review without mentioning the cons as well, so here we go. When you have over 12,000 plans it kind of get a bit disorganised, not all of the plans are useful, but plenty are. I notice there were a couple of negative reviews, when I did my research, many complained that not all plans were useful, well to be honest they were right, however there are over 12,000 plans, so frankly I would be more surprised it they were all exactly what I wanted. Also what did they expect for $ 37. I was more than happy with the amount of useful plans.

In fact I’m now thinking about building a chicken pen and run, all I have to do is persuade my wife, I already have the plans they were included in My shed plans. I can just taste them fresh eggs for breakfast.

Ryans shed plans reviewed
  • Cost
  • Accuracy of plans
  • quantity of plans
  • quality of plans
  • ease of use
  • recomendation to buy


I have to say there are lots of different plans in this package, and I'm sure that some of them I will never use or probably even look at, there are more than enough there I will use, so for me that more than justifies the 37$ price. And don't forget there is always the 60 day money back guarantee.

Now it's all over and done with, I have actually built my shed, It turned out well and I couldn't be more pleased, it's not a huge shed, but it's what I needed, it took me a weekend to finish it, having a shopping list and parts list really helped me, I ordered all the timber pre cut, wherever possible. That just left me with the assembly really, apart from a few little hiccups along the way it was all simple, and my shed is up and waterproofed. My wife has already started moving her stuff into it, guess I might need another one for me then. Oh sorry and the most Important part of the review MONEY it was half the price of a ready bought garden shed.

My shed plans review I would recommend this if you have any woodworking projects you want to get done.