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Shed plans pdf format, So you have decided or are planning to build your own shed. A good decision in my view, if you have checked out any prices for ready built sheds you will have been terrified by the prices they charge. It's a shed for gods sake how can they possibly charge those kinds of prices, you need a second mortgage to buy some of them. Add to that, they are not really what I'm looking for as well. that's why I recommend you build your own shed, we will give you free of charge a shed plans file with all the information you need. Including blueprint plans, shopping list, parts list, wood type and dimensions and finally. Step by step instructions with useful diagrams to guide you.

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We would like to offer some advice, and guidance, have a look at the location you have decided on to build your shed. Is it the right location? is it a well drained area? is it accessible all round? so you can work with ease. Or will you have to part build it somewhere else and then move your garden shed. This would happen if you build up against a wall or a fence, you usually need to do this is you have a small garden or area to site your garden shed.

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While it is relatively easy to follow our shed plan pdf and build your shed, give a lot of thought to what happens when it's built, you need to keep the timber in great condition, once you shed has been completed. The shed and timber you have used will need to be treated and maybe you want to colour it as well. The Important thing to remember though is to treat the timber with a very good quality treatment, that will both preserve the timber and stop it rotting in wet and damp weather. It's amazing how quickly untreated timber will rot in the right conditions. It would be a shame to have finally built your own garden shed, only for it to fall down through rot a couple of years later.

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Have you heard the saying “A strong building is built on strong foundations” well the very same thing applies to building a garden shed, you may not need to dig deep and pour in concrete and rubble foundations (that gets a very expensive) but you will need to have a flat and level area as a final place to put your shed. Make sure it is cleared well and all plants and roots have been thoroughly removed, use weed killer in the foundation area, to stop anything growing under your shed, you won't want a tree sprouting under you shed, that's likely to do some damage.

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Finally with our shed plans you will have all you need, and if the free plan is not what you need, just click on the links in the shed plans pdf to get more free garden shed plans.