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My Paidviewpoint Review

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Its not very often I come across a website that I review and I like it right form the get go. Paidviewpoint is one such web site from the moment you land on the page it just feels right and professional. Many sites have a bad feel to them. They are full of pop ups and advertisements, and really just don't feel right. From the first time when I started my paidviewpoint review. This company felt good. It's easy to sign up, you will need a mobile phone during the signup (you can signup here). As they will send a code number to you that you must enter on the website. The range of surveys they offer and the prices they pay for them, is very favorable when compared to other paid survey companies. You are just getting paid for your views and of course your time spent filling in the survey.

Signup here if you don't have a account already.

Paidviewpoint Review Do They Pay?

Well this is the most important question. Lets be clear form the beginning, this is not a way to get rich quickly or a scam. You will be invited to participate in surveys. This invitation is based on your trait score. Whats a trait score? When you join Paidviewpoint you will be asked to answer a series of questions. With these questions there are no right or wrong answers. They simply need to understand you a little. So its best to answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability. And by the way just for doing this they will pay you a dollar or so. Free money. That payment also gives you a bit of an incentive if you have never earned anything online before.

So yes Paidviewpoint will pay you. If you look around the web or forums you will see a lot less complaints about Paidviewpoint. when compared to other paid survey companies. that's one of the thing that is attractive about them.

Who Do Paidviewpoint Accept

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Here is the good news, they will accept most people. As well as most countries. That is quite unusual as lots of paid survey companies will very rarely accept anyone but US citizens or Sometimes British. I must admit I have never understood the reluctance of some companies to survey Indians, Pakistani or Arab nationals. Its as if these countries never buy anything, and of course they do.

How will Paidviewpoint Pay me?

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Again good news. You will need a paypal account. This is the only form of payment they make. Fortunately paypal is now available in more than 140 countries worldwide. what to do if you don't have a paypal account? Borrow one. However make sure that the person you ask to borrow from is trustworthy. The last thing you need to do is fall out with a friend. Another good thing about Paidviewpoint is that they accept anyone over 13 years of age. I don't honestly know many paid survey sites that do that.

Paidviewpoint have a minimum cash out of $15. So as soon as you have earned $15 you will be paid. Inside the control panel of Paidviewpoint you will find a greyed out button marked cashout. Once you reach the $15 cashout limit. The button will become active, and you can be paid through your paypal account.

Paidviewpoint What to Watch Out For.

One of the points they they are really hot on is you cannot have more than one account. There are many ways they can check on this, and its quite easy to know if you have more than one account. If you do try it you will be caught and banned, as they will see you as unreliable. So my advice is don't even think about it.

Make sure your paypal account email address is valid, and during the signup process use the same email address that you use for paypal. This way you will not have any problems. don't try to cheat them, take no notice of the Paidviewpoint hacks that you will see around on the web. don't be tempted, this is not a money making scam. It's a way to make a steady income, over a period of time.

Paidviewpoint Review
  • Website features
  • Ease of the signup process
  • Cashout level of Paidviewpoint
  • Payment process
  • Standard of surveys
  • Responsive Support


Im sure you will see from my review that I really do like this company. If you look at some of my other reviews you will see that is not always the case. This site has in my opinion the 2 most important factors. Low cashout value and paypal payment. Get signed up and make some cash.

Paidviewpoint summary

I'm not sure I really need to summarize here. As I have already given them a good Paidviewpoint review. Anyway I hope you have enjoyed the Paidviewpoint review, it's now up to you to go out and earn some money.