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Numerology Compatibility: Finding the right partner is often filled with anxiety. There is a huge difference between spending a few months together. And actually tying the knot and being with each other 24/7.  living in the same house and spending the majority of your time with the person you love.

There is a very good reason why a lot of marriages fail, people choose partners for the wrong reasons. The sex might be great, your partner maybe a great looker, you may share the same group of friends. It could even be something as simple as you feel its the right thing to do.

Of course you love your partner or you wouldn't even be considering getting married, right? well there is more marriage than meets the eye, numerology compatibility has a role to play and you ignore it at your own peril. You really should be checking your numerology compatibility with that of your partner.

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In numerology the most important number is your Life path number, if you don't know what that is we discussed the life path number here. while it is without doubt very important there are other number that will will affect your relationship.

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Compatible Life Number

Compatible expression number

Compatible Destiny number

A Happy relationship

A long lasting relationship.

Numerology Compatibility Lovelife.

I should also mention that if you happen to be in a relationship that has turned sour, it could be that you could save it if that is what you would like to do a numerology compatibility test can be done at any time so it is never to late if you feel things are not on track. you must also take into account yours and your partners Destiny and expression numbers they are also vitally important and will be discussed in a later blog post, so check back often to see whats going on.

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Its so easy to just jump into a relationship or new job without thinking about the consequences. Understanding what make s things work and what areas you are compatible in will make your life much more enjoyable in the long term.

Numerology Compatibility Conclusions

To conclude this post do not jump into any relationship without checking your numerology compatibility, it could be you will regret it for a very long time, you know the old saying better be safe than sorry. Do a little bit of groundwork and save a lot of heartache.