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The numerology chart at its basic is your name and date of birth, transposed into numbers, and we will look at how

that is done later on in this article,that is the first step only when you start to compile a numerology chart. It is quite complicated how letters are translated into numbers ( there are established formulas to do this) but once you have the knowledge it is then just a matter of experience and study to gain the experience in numerology, that will enable you to produce accurate, insightful and valuable charts.

Numerology chart number meanings

0- everything and nothing all at once

1- singular, individual

2- balance, pair

3- communication

4- creation

5- action

6- responsibility

7- the mind, thought

8- power

9- the end

10- begin again

I recently watched a documentary on the discovery channel talking about N.A.S.A. did you know that voyager 1 space craft, the one that has just left our solar system. The very first one to ever do so carries a golden disk, on that disk is a variety of information including songs, photos, movies, greetings in many languages and numbers.

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Why numbers? well scientists believe that numbers or math is a universal language. Add to that any alien civilization that may find voyager 1 would be able to decipher numbers and math. So if NASA scientists believe in numbers, why would you not believe they have a great significance in our daily lives. The facts are that numbers are deeply entwined into our lives and they matter. Your numerology chart simply translates those numbers into information we can understand and use to enhance and improve our daily lives.

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Without doubt the most important part of numerology is your life number, this is the basis of all your chart, your numerology chart, life number is calculated from your date of birth. Your life number will reveal many things about your life. Including the opportunities that you will be offered in your life. As well as the trials you will have to endure within your lifetime. Now imagine if you had this information at your fingertips before, what sort of decisions would you have made differently. How could this information have changed your life path for the better. Well the good news is its not to late to take control, you can get your free numerology chart by just clicking here.

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A word of warning it is possible to get your life number wrong and many sites offer to find your life number. Or even give you a free numerology chart. Be very careful if you get this wrong it will have a detrimental effect on your life and that of your close family. I only recommend numerology charts that I have personally used and know to be accurate.