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Hi, for my first blog post I would love to have a look at Numerology Calculator, and also Numerology in general. Is it fake or does it actually produce results? I know what I believe, there is just too much evidence for this to be fake. Lets have a look at where this belief in numbers came from and the certainty that it can improve and heal your life and that of your loved ones.

As early as the sixth century B.C., Pythagoras established the system of Numerology still being used today, called the Pythagorean System. It uses a collection of 9 numbers (converted from letters) and then compounded till a singular number is reached. A very simplistic illustration is that the numbers converted from the person's name illustrate the traits they were actually born knowing. While the numbers from the birth date define exactly what the person needs to understand.

Numerology and the Numerology Calculator.

Have been with us for thousands of years, its always been full of mysticism and has always been said to have a big influence on our character, our romantic temperament and also it has a big say on our personalities, and the life pathways we take. By answering a series of questions it is possible to plot in general your personality traits.

You will be surprised to know that all of this is found by taking your date of birth and name and assigning numbers to those letters and dates. So how can it be used in everyday life. Well it could guide you in a romantic relationship or maybe you want to apply for a new job, that would suite your personality traits. This can be all enhanced with Numerology.

Now we have the internet and its relatively easy to get a reading there are lots of websites that will do this, however be warned not all Numerology Calculator sites are the same, quite a few will just give you a load of rubbish and are not accurate at all. it took me quite some time to find one that works, if you want to try the site I use just click here.

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You are not alone if you believe in Numerology, there are a lot of famous people who swear by it and live their life by it, they follow it with a passion. It doesn't matter if you believe in the occult, palmistry, astrology or you maybe a science buff. By getting your own Numerology or Numerology Calculator reading can be a very positive experience, and could lead to life changing events.