Mysurvey vs Points2shop Who Is The Best Making Money

Mysurvey vs Points2shop Comparison

Mysurvey vs Points2shop
Mysurvey vs Points2shop

This Mysurvey vs Points2shop review is the fourth review or comparison I have done about survey sites. And before I get into the comparison there is something I would like to mention to you. A few years ago CPA companies and CPA offers were a big thing on the web. To a certain extent they are still a big thing, and some people are making a killing using CPA offers. CPA stands for Cost Per Action, what that means is you get paid for the action. That could be clicking and ad, ordering a free sample, or even watching a video.

that's basically what these paid survey sites are doing, getting you to perform the action. They then get paid and pass on a very small fraction of that payment to you. Very soon I will get around to writing a CPA guide, so keep checking back it will be a real way to earn good money. And cut out these middle men. However for now lets get back on topic.

Mysurvey vs Points2shop Sign Up procedures.

Lets start with Mysurvey, the signup system is straightforward and easy. However what put me off straight away is there is no F.A.Q or support link. (FAQ is Frequently Asked Questions). Why do I find that so bad? well its a great way for a company to communicate with potential customers. They can take the opportunity to let you know what they accept and what are the rules. I tend not to trust a company who cannot be up front and honest from the beginning.

Whereas Points2shop have a very good FAQ with lots of pertinent information. They don't by the way call it a FAQ they call it common questions, its worth a read as it will help you avoid having your account banned in the future. The signup for points2shop is very easy and straightforward, nothing difficult or complicated.

Mysurvey vs Points2shop for me in this section I prefered the points2shop sign up. Simply because it's easy and all the information you need is right in front of you before you sign up. Therefore saving you time.

As we normally do here is an independent review of Mysurvey.

Mysurvey vs Points2shop Types of Activities you get paid for.

Both of the sites are nearly the same, both offer the opportunity to play games online and you will find point2shop aps for the Iphone and android, the same applies to Mysurvey. There is a wide variety of surveys games and movies. Points 2 shop has a lot more paid offers. That means you have to pay for the offer. Normally you have to sign up with a credit card. That puts me off as I don't need or want a company having my credit card details. So in this section I would call it a draw.

Mysurvey vs Points2shop Cash out and Payments.

Points2shop don't have cash they give you points, hence the name. Apparently 100 points is equal to $1. Well that's disappointing, although they can pay you with gift cards from Amazon. that's a bit better. Most of the points are easily exchanged for Amazon goods, which they stipulate they have to order. And in certain circumstances shipping is free as well. This is more or less the same system as swagbucks which we reviewed here, if you missed it.

Mysurvey, here again there is no cash its a points based system. And although they advertise pay pal, I haven’t actually used it. And it is not clear if you can be paid through pay pal. Or they use it for gift cards. I did shoot an email to them asking about this but after a week with no reply I gave up. So it looks like its gift cards like Amazon, Macy and some others. To be honest I’m not really impressed with these sort of payment methods. I’m sure of you prefer cash. If you do know if they do pay pal, please comment below.

I’m going for a dead heat again as both have the same payout system more or less.

Mysurvey vs Points2shop DO NOT DO THIS

When I was doing my research for this blog post, it was very noticeable that both of these companies have a lot of bad reviews. Also lots of complaints about people being banned and the accounts closed with points inside. It seems no matter what you do, its nearly impossible to get your points or accounts back. Lots of people have written to both support departments and very few had a reply even, never mind and explanation.that's really poor business, just to ignore your clients, I suppose they think they are so big they don't have to care.

                                                                     OK onto the list of don't do.

1. don't try and open more than one account per household. Any family member living under the same roof cannot have a account.
2. don't even try any of the Hack app's that are around. They don't work and you will be banned.
3. Do not try to cheat by just opening movies on your phone and letting then run, watching only movies will get you banned.
4. The same goes for only playing games. Make sure your activity is normal.
5. Try not to do anything suspicious. Its an algorithm that will ban you, just based on your type of behaviour.
6. Last but not least answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability.

If you do manage to get banned. There is absolutely nothing you can do, move on. don't try opening another account you will be caught and banned again. that's a waste of your time and theirs.

Mysurvey vs Points2shop Summary and conclusions.

Here is my final choice, which company should I choose. Well in the battle between Mysurvey vs Points2shop there is no winner I wouldn't touch either one.