Military Diet Reviews Lose 10 Pounds In A Week Really?

Military diet reviews

military diet reviews
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Let's start our Military Diet Reviews by explaining what the military diet is. And some of the claims that it makes. The biggest claim and probably the one that attracts most people to the diet would be. ” Lose 10 pounds in 1 week” or lose 10 pounds quickly. You can see why this military diet would attract people with claims like that.

The big question is, does this diet deliver?. If you have been dieting for any amount of time, you will probably have seen the outrageous claims before. You have probably tried many diets and failed on many. I know I have. If you read many of the military diet reviews on the internet, they are a complete waste of time and hardly touch the essential subjects.

So let's start our military diet review and look first at what sort of diet it is, You are supposed to have a 3-day menu similar to the graphics below.

Three day military diet plan sample 1 day menu

military diet breakfast menu
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military diet snacks lunch
Lunch meal
3 day military diet menu dinner
Dinner sample menu

Military Diet Reviews   military diet success stories

We have compiled a three day military diet shopping list, and 3-day menu HERE for you. So you eat this 3-day menu which is quite restrictive, you are not allowed any extras. And quite frankly, I found this 3-day diet challenging and probably too restrictive.

I was famished from day one and add to that there is quite a lot on the diet I'm not fond of. However, I managed to stick to it and did lose 6 pounds. Now, saying that, I'm not sure that the 6 pounds were fat. Or just the body shedding water. I'm quite sure that at least some of it was water. After all, I lost 6 pounds, so really I should have seen a difference. I cannot honestly say it made a difference to the way I felt or looked. However, there are another four days to go, so let's have a look at that.

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Military Diet Reviews 4 day menu plan

The next part of the diet is for four days, and On this part of the diet, you must restrict yourself to 1500 calories (no fizzy drinks or alcohol). Again a quite restrictive diet, you should not exceed the 1500 calorie limit, on a healthy diet I would be allowed about 2200 calories and I would still lose weight.

The good thing about the 4-day plan is you can eat what you want within the calorific limits you are set, that works for me, but quite frankly I was still very hungry, I was tempted to raid the fridge a few times as well. I'm not good at starving myself, and I'm more of a moderate dieter, starvation diets I find very difficult to stick to.

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How did the Military diet do?

Well I stuck at it was difficult,I was hungry all of the time, and I'm just good with hunger, however if you need to lose weight quickly in a week or 2 then this is a good diet for you. It will be difficult but will produce results. There are better diets out there, try this one HERE

military diet reviews how much did I lose

OK so after one week did I hit the lose 10 pounds in a week promise? Or did I fail miserably, well neither actually, I managed to lose 8 pounds and believe me I stuck to this damned diet to the letter? In all honesty, 8 pounds in a week is good, but as I mentioned before, how much was water and how much fat. My guess is about half and half, or close to that, my best guess is probably 5 pounds of fat and 3 pounds of water. That's quite good. In one week.

Military Diet Reviews conclusions, military diet does it work?.

It was tough to stick to this [wikilink]diet[/wikilink], but if you need to lose 10 pounds in a week it would probably be right for you, and I would imagine that if you stuck at it for a couple of weeks, it would lead to significant weight loss, but there again any starvation diet would also do that. I wouldn't recommend this diet long term two weeks at the most, and that would be very tough for me, but if you are good at starvation go for it.
So it's a big No with the military diet reviews, there are better diets on the market like the one we recommend here.