How To Build A Shed Step By Step Guide With Free Plans

How To Build A Shed Step By Step
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How to build a shed step by step, It's not as hard as you may imagine. As long as you approach it in the right way, good planning and preparation are really essential. In the beginning you need to decide what sort of garden shed you will need. That may sound simple but look at what you need the garden shed for.

If it's a shed you will use only for keeping a few tools in, then it doesn't need to be huge. Don't forget the bigger the shed the more it will cost. When it comes to the cost of your garden shed decide beforehand how much you want to spend and stick to your budget. When you learn How To Build A Shed Step By Step, it shouldn't cost the earth to build your own shed.

Have a look around your local DIY stores and wood yards. These places will have a huge selection of ready made garden sheds and you will be able to see the extortionist prices these places charge. However you will answer one question. Is it cheaper to build your own shed? Undoubtedly yes it is is it cheaper to build your own shed. I have seen recently how much these places charge for a ready made garden shed and they are NOT cheap at all.

When planning your shed, the location will be your first concern. If you have a large garden then luckily for you this won't be such a problem. However if you are like me you are tight for space, then ensure you plan well. Years ago I built my own shed and I thought I had all bases covered. I cleared the area, where I wanted the shed to be, had a good wooden base.

Unfortunately I didn't know much about gardening at that time, and there was some fast growing Ivy I had pulled out. Or I should say I thought I had cleared out. Well 18 months later and this really aggressive Ivy came sprouting through the walls and floor. It will squeeze through the smallest gap, what I'm saying here is plan well, to avoid problems further down the line. By the way if anyone knows of a good Ivy killer please feel free to message me.

How To Build A Shed Step By Step planning

When looking for the best location for your shed building adventure, keep in mind accessibility, unfortunately I have to build mine next to a fence, because of the size of my garden, its not ideal, because one side of the shed is inaccessible, so if you have this problem make sure you plan for it, make sure you shed window is on the other side.

Next on location is drainage. Im sure you don't want to be digging a soakaway or fitting a drainage pipe, if you have a lot of rain make sure you have good land drainage. You won't want to build your shed in a swamp, the wood will rot very quickly in the wrong conditions.

Choose the type of shed base you want. While a solid concrete base is best you may not want to go through the time and effort, and it will cost more. You will however need a level and well drained piece of land if you want to build a shed that will last.

Choose the right materials and only buy what you need, when you need to know how to build a shed from scratch we have a very handy shed parts list later in the post.

How To Build A Shed Step By Step building

Make a full list of all the parts you will need, include the measurements you will need, for the shed timber, be very careful here to get the requirements right, you do not want to be wasting wood or parts by incorrect planning and measurements

Make sure you have all the tools you will need, or failing that maybe you can borrow from a friend, either way check before you start, just to make sure. Set aside a couple of days where you will be able to fully concentrate on the task at hand. Again if you live in a area with lots of rainfall make sure you have a solid and waterproof roof.

Free Shed Plans Download My Shed Plans PDF

How To Build A Shed Step By Step conclusion

Great you made it this far, as a present we have free garden shed plans pdf for you to download, it contains a free shed parts list and free shed blueprints. They will show you How To Build A Shed Step By Step, with very easy instructions and they are written in plain english, so they are easy to understand.