How Do Solar Panels Work? Easily Explained For You.

how do solar panels work for your home
                                                                                       How does a photovoltaic cell work

How Do Solar Panels Work

We are going to try and answer the question how do solar panels work? Well straight away lets get one thing clear, I’m not a scientist. So this will be the simple explanation, and I will try not to get to deep, or complicated. My own solar power system is quite simple. We have a water heater, that has a tank and one solar panel. I also have security lights that work on a timer and open at night. I normally run two low voltage spot lights for around 6 hours. There is also a solar powered socket that will charge my phones or laptop if there is a power outage. Plus we have internal lights if the power goes down.

To answer the question of how do solar panels work, we must first understand what sunlight is. However before I get into that lets bust a myth here. The strange thing is you don't actually need direct sunlight to create solar power (but it helps). I’m lucky where I live we do get lots of strong sunshine in the summer. That ensures everything works great, really hot water and the batteries to run at night are always fully charged. However in the winter we can go for weeks with very little sunshine. And quite honestly I have never had a problem with my system. I Always have hot water and the batteries never failed due to to little charge.

How Do Solar Panels Work Sunshine and Protons.

OK so back to what is sunshine and how do solar panels work. Sunshine is a ray of particles consisting maily of protons that are constantly being blasted out from the surface of the sun. It takes a proton 8 minuets and 20 seconds to get from the sun and to reach the earth. The protons you actually see as sunlight were probably created billions of years ago. However they have just now been ejected by the sun. Travelling through the vacuum of space. And 8 minutes and twenty seconds later they hit you. By the way the protons are travelling at the speed of light, that means when they hit you they are moving at 300,000 kilometers/second.

Brilliant explication of how does photovoltaic energy work

What are the panels made of and How Do Solar Panels Work.

Most solar panels are made up of several smaller solar cells called photovoltaic cells, made out of primarily silicone. incase you didn't know silicone is the second most abundant thing on earth, so no chance we will run out of it any time soon. In one big solar panel you will find lots of these solar photovoltaic cells joined together and sandwiched between conductive layers. The question that we asked “How Do Solar Panels Work” is answered right here, the silicone solar cell has 2 unique layers of silicone. The “N” type silicone has extra electrons. And the “P” Type has extra spaces for electrons.

The Protons are coming. How Do Solar Panels Work.

When a proton hits the solar panel with enough energy it dislodges the electrons causing some of them to be positively charged and some negatively charged. These neutrons move around inside the cell and are finally collected by thin metal filaments around the cell. Look carefully at a solar panel and you will see these thin metal strips running around the cells. This is how the cells generate electricity. This electricity can then be used or stored. Or you can also sell it back to your utility company. Each small cell only produces half a volt, but string them all together and you soon have enough to power your house.

What will the future bring?

Well solar panels are getting cheaper, but it will take a big push from the G20 countries to make them truly affordable. And this I’m afraid will never happen, there are too many vested interests. Too many people making huge sums of money from energy, both fossil fuels and renewable's. Now you have seen How Do Solar Panels Work, and let me tell you how easy they are to set up in the most basic form. Why would the powers that be let you have free energy. Current technology only makes use of 45% of the sunlight that hits a solar panel. Why would governments invest in research, when it will harm their backers, the big multi nationals.


I think its best to end it there before I go off topic and talking about conspiracy theories. Better we tick to How Do Solar Panels Work, and lets just say I do expect advances in this field. For instance Morocco are building huge solar power farms with inventive  storage, for unused power. The first phase “Noor Field” is already operating. And within the next few years Morocco will produce nearly all its power needs via solar power. For that reason alone its worth governments investing in solar energy. I hope you have enjoyed the post and video and are more enlightened about How Do Solar Panels Work.