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Get paid to write, here are five helpful tips to ensure you make it. If you are like me and also you write articles for a living, then you recognize that you need to get paid for all of your efforts. Payment can come through customers who have selected you to write, or by means of pay per click advertising and marketing, or perhaps through banner or text advertisements you place on your site alongside your articles. Regardless of your course of action, a consistent and structured strategy is necessary to have in place if you want to earn a living for all of your hard work. Please continue reading to get a few valuable suggestions in order to help you survive in this highly competitive business.

Submit Freely if you want to get paid to write

Much of the work published on the internet displaying my name is freely shared. I do not get paid to write the articles I create. I consider article marketing as a mutual collaboration between me and also the article directory. They get my articles for redistribution and I get strong back links to my website. In addition, the article website directory can easily make money off of ads that show up next to my articles such as Google AdSense or Yahoo! Publishing Network style adverts. Additionally, I get my name out there and can point potential clients to the article directories in order to demonstrate to them how prolific an article writer that I am.

To get paid to write you should Submit Jointly.

A number of the features I have published online are for customers. They have my name on them, as my name is much more visible in comparison to their name. I write as a “guest writer” but I am a freelancer, not an employer. I get paid for my work and also they get some nice links.

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Ghostwriting is another opportunity to get paid to write.

The overwhelming number of articles I write are ghostwritten. In 2010, I published 400 articles to article directories, however another 1100 approximately went straight to my customers. Whenever I submit articles jointly, I maintain the rights to having my name on the articles. Whenever I ghost write, my clients get what I write and retain full rights to the articles. Guess who pays me more? Bring 'em on!

Bill Immediately if you want to get paid to write, do not be a poor writer.

You can write like crazy for paying customers but still find yourself destitute. How? By not billing customers right away. Whether you use direct billing, Paypal, or even an “agent” such as Guru, you are penniless until the very first invoice is paid. Create a plan in order to get your money as soon as possible too. You don't want to have to wait for months unless you like being in the credit business!

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Keep Advertising and marketing to make sure you get paid to write.

I have busy times I have sluggish times. During the slow times, I catch up on my paperwork and I write. Throughout slow times I submit many articles to the article directories to always keep my name in the market. Frequent submissions keep me “front and center” and help build up SEO for my web site. Yes, I have my own internet site at where the majority of my best work is featured. Not every article, but those articles in which I possess full rights to them and ones I really want my clients to look at whenever they review my portfolio.

So, that's it. Five simple tips in order to help you get paid to write from article marketing. If you excel at it, you will generate a decent living writing for others. I doubt you will get rich unless article marketing ends up being a stepping stone to another thing– such as, publishing your own Harry Potter style series of books. You can always dream while you get paid to write.