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Dietbet review : This is a new phenomenon called Social dieting. And I think its is a great idea. So let's just have a brief overview before we jump into the detail. Dietbet is a website that allows you to join another group of dieters and place a bet nominally $35, and whoever loses 4% of their body weight at the end of the period, wins the pot. that's it in its simplest form. Of course there is more. There are rules to keep you and your money safe and weigh in and weigh out rules you must follow to ensure the competition is fair.

So how much could you win with dietbet?. I’ve seen pots of up to $ 25,000.00 on dietbet that's a really big amount, of course you probably will not will it all. It could be shared between a few players, but still its going to be a good amount of money. Let's not also forget or be blinded by the cash, you will also have lost at least 4% of your body weight in four weeks. According to dietbets own statistics. Players of this 4 week game lose an average of 9 pounds, and 96% of players who play lose weight. That sounds good to me.

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Right let's look at that in a little more detail. You will find three main types of games you can join, one we already mentioned is the 4 week game where you have to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. Number two game is over 6 months and you must lose 10% of your body weight. Again the stats are impressive, winners will lose on average 24 pounds, and 94% of players lose weight to some good degree. Finally there is the one year game for this game you must hold your original body weight + 2% for one full year. Along the way dietbet offer competitions and special offers and special games. I should also mention another social diet startup called stepbet, we haven’t reviewed step bet yet, but will get around to it soon.

Now for the dietbet review rules

1.Initial Weigh-Ins must be submitted 48 hours before the game starts.
2.Proof of weight photo, you must submit 2 photos. The first of the two photos must be a head-to-toe shot of the player standing on a scale. In Airport Security Attire, and the second must be a close-up of the player's weight. As indicated by the scale. With a piece of paper in the shot showing the weigh-in word. The weigh-in word will be distributed by DietBet at the time of the weigh-in. And serves as an official timestamp.
3. You can claim a refund up to 7 days from when the game starts.
4. Scales must be digital scales or doctor scales.
5. Dress code is airport security, that's no shoes, belts, coats, or jumpers.
6. There is a very strict weigh-out rule and you must weigh out with 48 hours of the game ending.
7. Winners are any players who have achieved the agreed weight. So the pot is then split between those players.
8. You must be over 18 to use dietbet.
9. You must have at least an 18.5 BMI to participate in a dietbet. (dietbet review BMI = body mass Index)
10. Players caught cheating will be expelled from the game.

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Dietbet review conclusions, A while ago I was on a course and the teacher was talking about motivation, he said money is not a motivator. I must say I disagree, in this case it would motivate me to lose pounds. The thought of sharing $25,000.00 and dropping weight is a good motivator for me. So dietbet review gets a big thumbs up for me its original and makes dieting fun, there is also a app you can get for itunes or Android.