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Build A Shed Door Instructions Build A Shed Door Instructions easy to use and step by step instruction, with a handy video explaining all the technical stuff, its a easy walkthrough for you
Half lap joint

Build A Shed Door Instructions, all you have to do is follow our instructions, or watch the video below. And you will have a perfect shed door. There is nothing really tricky or even difficult in making a shed door. It maybe worth your while having a look around, for some great shed door design ideas. There are many different types out there, and many different materials to choose from.

For now we will assume you are using timber, and that you are needing to replace a shed door that has outlived its usefulness, and is falling off its hinges. that's what happened to mine, after lots of complaints from my wife, I decided to get it fixed. However when I looked around for a ready made replacement, I was shocked at the prices I found, for pity sake. It's only a door, a simple door at that, how the hell can you charge those prices.

Well not me, I’m going to build myself a new door, once I decided the old door could not be repaired, and I did, and it turned out OK, below you will find a how to build A shed door instructions article, with a easy to follow guide and a step by step video.

Build A Shed Door Instructions Step by Step

Before you start make sure you measure up your door or doors correctly, don't forget to leave a little gap all around the doors when you build them or they won't fit into the doorway opening. Then you're going to be scratching your head, wondering how to cut bits off your newly made doors, I learned that hard lesson hanging a door in the house, I must of hung it and removed 10 times trying to get it right. If only I had measured it right in the first place. Take your time and get this part right.

Build A Shed Door Instructions Step By Step video

I used four by two as it's easy to work with and cheap enough to buy, with the advantage you can find it anywhere, I used half lap joints, why? well because they are easy to make, and they are just as strong as the wood itself, and in some cases stronger as you can glue the with super strength wood glue or something like no more nails glue, I like to use gorilla glue it's so strong nothing will part it once its set. If that's not enough you can also add angle iron supports to the corners if you want to. Personally I didn't, as I thought the half joints and the glue were strong enough.

Build A Shed Door Instructions assembly

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When you have cut your wood, it needs to be treated, treating wood will help keep it waterproof and stop it rotting, don't be tempted to buy one of the cheap wood preservatives on the market, from my experience they are a waste of time and effort, and you will be reapplying it in a couple of years.

Once all the wood for the frame is cut to the required lengths, and the half joints have been cut. It's a easy matter to glue and assemble the door frame. You will need quite a few clamps to ensure the door joints stay in place, while the glue dries. It's probably better to leave it overnight to make sure it's dry.

Once the frame is finished it's a easy matter to finish your door add the front cover. I used some plywood I had from another job. I made sure it was sealed well, cut it to size and screwed it in place. Its then a matter of fitting the hinges and locks and hanging the door. Hopefully if you have followed this article and video about Build A Shed Door Instructions, you should have a well built new shed door.