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Getting that first big break when looking for Content Writing Jobs is difficult. No one wants to hire a new writer with little or no previous experience. It can be really frustrating, knowing that within yourself that you have the necessary skills to be able to compete for the very best Content Writing Jobs. I have been there and been through that. Its just a matter of getting that first big break. The feeling of getting your first paycheck, and actually being paid to write. Is out of this world.

However there is a difference in writing because you like to express your feeling or inner self, and a paid writing job. Here are some tips I have picked up along the way. don't forget to comment if you have any question or even helpful advice for other new writers struggling to get creative writing jobs. Here are my article writing tips to help get that first break.

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Content Writing Jobs The Most Important Thing To Learn.

This may sound simple and I’m sure you already know this. However its such a important aspect of writing that I want to make sure you understand. NEVER EVER submit a article or piece of writing that you are not 100% happy with. remember when you were doing exams and you had finished. The teacher always asked me have you double checked you answers? Well make sure you triple check it, check for spelling, check for grammar. Make sure you reread the article at least three times. Does it make sense, can something be improved. What I like to  is copy all my text and paste into a software application I have called textaloud. This turns the article or text into an MP3 file and allows you to listen to your article being read back to you.

Its amazing how many errors and mistakes this will pick up. You will find it easier to make the article flow better. Actually listening to the article being read back to you, makes a big difference. You will notice stuff that by just reading the article you had missed.

So just to recap and make sure you understand. Never submit a article you are not 100% happy with. Even if you are pushing against your deadline, work harder and work longer, but make sure your work is perfect. After all you will be judged by this writing.

Content Writing Jobs Marketing.

Learn how to market yourself. Make sure everyone knows you are writing, and are available for assignments. Blow your own trumpet. In the UK they have a saying I love it is “shy kids get nowt”. This is true!! if you don't go into bat for yourself then no one else will. So teach yourself how to market yourself. Get some business cards made and hand them out, wherever you are. I had a boss once who did this. He introduced himself and handed over a business card. He did this with anyone he met, and I mean anyone. However I will tell you one thing. This paid dividends for him, and he actually ended up as a Ambassador. And this was through the contacts he made by doing this one simple thing.

Content Writing Jobs Reputation.

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Your reputation is going to matter to you more than ever, once you become a freelance writer. Don’t ever do anything that would damage that. For instance I once wrote some SEO articles for a client, I knew the articles were good. He complained asked me to rewrite them. Of course I did. By this time he had double his original order. He still complained, and I was furious. I knew what was going on. So I contacted the client and we made an agreement that he could keep the articles for free, as long as there was no negative feedback for me. He of course agreed. The articles must have been really bad, because he published them unchanged on his site. The moral here is even if you are right, You are wrong, do not get into a fight with a Client, think of your reputation. More so when you are starting out.

Of course once you have built your reputation, it's a level playing field. In that case tell them whatever you want.

Finding Content Writing Jobs online.

One of the great things about working a freelance writer is, you can work whenever you want. And wherever you want. I am currently on holiday in Marrakech Morocco. I’m sitting by the pool, In a bar, with my laptop tapping away, and drinking a beer. I get my work online and I submit my work online. What more can I say. This is the life I choose. So how do you find these jobs? well if you have contacts then that's a way to do do it. Failing that you need a agent for a go between someone who has contacts you can use. There are lots of companies out there, and I recommend They are a great and reliable company who can and will supply with great article writing leads, for some top companies.

You can of course try looking yourself for Content Writing Jobs online, but unless you have the contacts. You will never grab the high paying jobs that allow you to work as a freelance writer.

Networking Content Writing Jobs

Never pass up a opportunity to network, join any professional bodies you can find. Go to the seminars, meetings and get known. Ask your clients if they would mind giving you a reference. Once you have completed a couple of professional assignments. Get your own web site showcase your skills. Again I will mention market yourself. Hand out business cards at any events you attend. Find out from other writers the best paying fields, and do your research on them. Become an expert in those fields, so when talking to clients you know what you are talking about.

Summary of Content Writing Jobs

My last and one of the most important piece of advice is regarding deadlines. You should never ever miss a deadline. The client will be depending on you to submit the work he is paying for. They may also be working to a deadline, do whatever you have to do to make sure you hit the deadline. To be honest with you I have never missed a deadline in all the Content Writing Jobs I have undertaken.